ARMA-MECHANICS is a technological company in the energy sector. It specializes in automation and control systems aimed at improving efficiency and productivity. Its main focus is on solar energy (Photovoltaic and Thermal) and its integration with other energy sources in order to mitigate its intermittent nature. Time shifting, storage and backup generation are some of the strategies employed. Also, solutions are developed to reduce peak demand charges for large energy consumers. Off grid systems are a priority in our development strategy, especially in sparsely populated areas. 

ARMA-MECHANICS currently operates in Europe and  Australia and is looking to expand its network globally. Its client target group are energy professionals (engineers, designers, installers ) seeking to provide advanced, unconventional solutions to their customers, realizable only through broad integration of diverse technologies, including Mechanical & Electrical equipment, Automation & Control as well as microprocessor software development.

ARMA-MECHANICS welcomes expression of interest for new projects and is keen on providing advice and support in conceptual design, proposal drafting, budgeting and procurement in collaboration with local professionals. Its part in the project life cycle can be as narrow as providing the automation equipment or much broader encompassing full EPC engagement. Individual retail customers are also encouraged to inquire about technological solutions, though in most cases the support of a local installer will be needed. Professionals already affiliated with us will be awarded installation contracts on a geographical proximity basis.

Feel free to use the Contact us link to give us your details and also describe any situation that our expertise would be of help. We will promptly provide a first stage estimation and together we can investigate further cooperation pathways.